3D GEL Digits

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3D GEL Digits

The wait is finally over – our 3D GEL Launch is officially underway, and the digits are now available for purchase. To get your hands on them, simply find the 3D Digits category and filter for 3D GEL.

Pair of Number Plates using 3D GEL Digits

Elevate your sales by providing customers with GEL Number Plates that are certified and DVLA compliant. Seize this opportunity to expand your portfolio and maximize profits through this unparalleled upsell.

BSAU 145e Certified GEL Number Plates

Tennants 3D Number Plates are the first independently UKAS Certified to BSAU 145e, durable and resistant to fading, scratches or damage from weathering. Our trade partners can produce them in minutes, on-demand. For more information on our 3D GEL digits, check out our quick Launch Page or contact our customer services.

3D GEL Assembly – YouTube Guide

3D GEL Digits


Our 3D GEL Digits are made in high gloss black polyurethane resin. Each one is carefully hand-domed to reduce flaws and imperfections, ensuring a pristine finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. The clear resin coating not only gives the digits their distinctive appearance but also adds a layer of protection. This makes them more resistant to fading, scratching, and damage from weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sunlight.

These GEL number plate digits mark a significant milestone as the first ever to comply with BSAU 145e standards and are UKAS Laboratory certified, setting a new benchmark for quality and compliance in the UK Market. Meaning they not only look good but are road-legal too.

BSAU 145e 3D-Plates Certificate – covers all our 3D Digits including 3D GEL & True 3D

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