New Online Number Plate Offers

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New online number plate offers

New Online Number Plate Offers

Coming Soon

Our online number plate offers are about to change for the better due to us withdrawing LG Plates from sale and replacing them with Hybrid Plate components instead. You should have recently received an email confirmation of this change, if not check your junk mail folder.

Alterations to our supply chain have caused this unexpected change, but it does mean we’ll have much more control over our plate media. This will allow us to treat our customers to better discounts via our mailing list promotions, where we’ll be delivering weekly incentives for both our film and reflective printing solutions. And we will continue to offer next day dispatch on orders.

A Hybrid Number Plate

Due to a recent and unexpected change to an existing reciprocal trading agreement with a long standing manufacturing partner, we will be forced to shortly Withdraw LG Plates from sale. It will seem strange to see the rigid plates disappear, but over the next few days and weeks they will be deleted from this shop. The final date for LG Plate orders will be the 19th April.

Going forward, we will supply a range of printable film and reflective with clear acrylic faces so you can continue to build Standard and Hybrid Number Plates with our Thermal and Trade Solutions respectively. This change will not affect our Signs customers who create showroom signs and P.O.S items, because we’ll be expanding our range of rigid sign backings.

Customers wanting to continue using their existing film printer can do so by making Hybrid Plates. You’ll print your designs and registration numbers onto film as normal. Once printed, you laminate it to an acrylic face and then attach a wet reflective to the reverse of the film, creating an incredibly robust number plate. This Shop will now offer wet reflective sheets for every legal number plate size, and soon we’ll be offering packs of film with our new range of badges pre-printed on them.

To help customers adjust to this change, Hybrid component prices for the 3 main sizes will match the cost of Film & Plates. That is to say, Oblong 4×4 and Motorcycle Hybrid number plates should cost you the same to make as before. And we will continue to offer next day dispatch on most orders.

Plate Media

Make Standard number plates

Standard Plates

You make a Standard Plate by printing on a reflective sheet and laminating it onto a clear acrylic face.

Make Hybrid number plates

Hybrid Plates

A Hybrid Plate is made by printing on clear film and laminating it between an acrylic face and a wet reflective sheet.

More Information

To make things really easy for you going forward, we have created a video to teach you how to assemble a Hybrid Number Plate in just minutes. If you require any further information on this change to our components, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0115 9738080 or email

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