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This LG Laptop is perfect for number plate production, it comes with our software installed but without a licence. Just choose which LG Software you want.

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A LG Laptop is perfect for number plate production as we ship them with our software installed, but without a licence. These refurbished machines meet all the specifications needed to run our software. Each laptop also comes with a valid Windows operating system, patched and up to date. Owners can then simply transfer their existing LG Licence across.

Choose Your LG Software

Before you can buy these laptops you’ll need to choose which software you want, LG Plates or LG Signs & Plates. LG Plates only makes road legal plates and restricts its design options to British Standards. Whereas LG Signs removes those restrictions to give operators more freedom to create designs for signs, vehicles, show-rooms and offices.

Below is some quick details on our number plate software to help you choose.

LG Plates
LG Plates Software provides automatic compliance

LG Plates provides a user friendly plates builder to aid number plate production. It restricts options to just those complaint with regulations and standards. Designing a number plate then becomes entering a registration and selecting simple options. This streamlined workflow helps operators design and print legal number plates in just moments.

As well as helping users adhere to the standards for layout, it also comes with an integrated RNPS Log. Then the information for each number plate made can be stored along with the proof taken for identity and entitlement.

LG Signs
Safety signs design using LG Signs Software

LG Signs removes legal number plate restrictions and allows users to create more complex designs. The software permits using any system installed font and can add custom transparencies and layer or design elements. Users will then be able to make signs and promotional items for vehicles, forecourts and offices. LG Signs software also comes bundled with the full version of our plates software for road legal number plate production.

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