10 UK Oval Stickers

10 UK Oval Stickers

10 UK Oval Stickers


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Stick one of these 10 UK Oval Stickers to the rear of a vehicle when travelling abroad to indicate your country of origin.

Note: UK Ovals are now mandated by law when driving abroad in the EU.

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This is a pack of UK Oval Stickers used to indicate a vehicles country of origin when travelling abroad. Each one is made from white vinyl with a self-adhesive rear, protected by a quick peel backing. And each one is sized at 200 x 120mm to meet the regulations.

To use the Oval Stickers, select the area you wish to use apply one. Ideally it should be a flat area at the rear of the vehicle. First ensure the spot is clean of dirt or dust and completely dry. Secondly, peel the backing of the adhesive & get it into position. Finally apply the sticker down, smoothing from one side to the other to remove any air bubbles or creases.

10 UK Oval StickersWhy You Need A UK Oval Sticker

The official name for the UK Oval is the Distinguishing Sign of Vehicles in International Traffic. Laws regulating it are covered by the 1968 Vienna Convention, Annex 4. In brief, it says that when driving abroad, it is a legal requirement to displays your vehicles country of origin. This has always been the case, but following Brexit & 145e Regulations it’s now also required for travel across much the EU. And only recently has the government arranged the switch from GB to UK as our identifier.

Note: Since the loss of the GB Euro Number Plate – we suggest you use one our of new Overseas Range instead.

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Dimensions200 × 120 × 0.5 mm

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