Anti Theft Bolts

Anti Theft Bolts


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This pack of Richbrook Anti Theft Bolts is a great way to secure a number plate to a vehicle, thanks to its unique locking tool.

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  • SKU/Part No: nc116
  • Brand: Richbrook
  • Contents: 6 Bolts & Washers, A Locking Key and Hex Wrench
  • Bolt Colours: 2 Black, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze
  • Approx Size: 6 x 25mm with 12mm Head
  • Features: Chrome Plated Bolts with Security Heads

Richbrook Anti Theft Bolts are perfect for securing your number plates to a car. Each pack contains 6 chromed bolts topped off with a unique security head and a key. Since each fitting has a locking head, its much more difficult to remove which deters thieves. And the chrome plated bolts and washers are all highly rust resistant.

Adhesive pads are now the recommended method of fixing your number plates under BSAU145e. Although you can still use screwed fixings, but only when used well outside the registration area. Which is great when your vehicle already has a mount complete with fixing points, like many vehicles. So you can still benefit from a more secure fitting, especially when its combined with a locking head.

Fitting Using Self-Tapping Bolts

Fitting your new number plates is an easy process with just a few simple steps.

Drill your holes from the rear of the plate

First you have to remove your old number plate and give the area a good clean. Next you need to drill holes in your new plate, so use your old one as a template. Mask your starting points and place wood underneath to help you avoid damaging your plate. And allow your bit to do the work, avoid applying to much pressure or widening the hole.

Now use the key and wrench to fit the bolts, which act like a screw to create a thread. But take care not to overtighten them and damage your plate. Finally, wipe your number plate clean to remove any dirt or fingerprints.

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Dimensions6 × 25 mm

Screws & Caps, Nuts & Bolts

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