LG Plates Licence

LG Plates Licence


This LG Plates Licence allows software owners to extend their licence for another full year or until new legislation starts, includes telephone and remote technical support.

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An LG Plates Licence is required to print designs made using our software suite. New copies of our software come with a full 12 month licence, to continue using it after that time require this licence renewal. It not only extends your software usage for another full year but also includes telephone and remote technical support as well. A fresh activation will be required to apply the new licence, a member of our customer support team will be in touch to talk you through activation.

Due to the amended legislation of BSAU145e entering into law soon, this licence renewal will only be extended until January 2019. This is due to older versions of our software not being compatible with the new regulation changes.

If owners of our systems or LG Plates software pass a minimum spending target we can automatically extend their existing software licence for free. To find out how to qualify for this automatic upgrade contact our customer support team using our contact information. Here is a copy of our 2.4 software licence for reference, check your software manual (Term) for more information.

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