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LG Plates software offers a user friendly and an automatically compliant solution to number plate production, version 2.4.5 comes with a licence and remote support for an entire year.

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LG Plates Software only makes road legal number plates and restricts its design options to meet British Standards. It integrates perfectly with our specialist printing solutions, in fact its designed to be used with them exclusively. The current version of the software 2.4.5, comes on a USB stick and requires a Windows PC for it to be installed on. After install, a quick telephone activation enables its designs to be created and printed out.

A licence is included which provides phone and remote technical support for an entire year. Internet connectivity and a working web browser is required for remote support. Licences are automatically extended based on a minimum spend, otherwise you may find it more cost effective to simply purchase another years licence.

There are two main parts to the software, a plates builder and a supplier log. More information on these can be found below.

Plates Builder

LG Plates software has features that simplify and streamline plate design while remaining compliant with BSAU145d. Complex designs are turned into simple one click options, helping users to design and print a legal number plate in moments. The latest version comes with templates for a hundred plate sizes including lipped plates with support for more modern printers. New features include improved registration number validation, new badge positioning for 2-line plates, improved font and plate definitions, lipped plate support for oblong plates and user authentication with password log-on.

The image below shows the main software window with plate builder above a real time design preview.

LG Plates Software provides automatic compliance

The plates builder holds all the design options in one accessible location. Built in plate templates fulfill the legal requirements for text placement, font type, size, colour and spacing. Changing to another plate size automatically adjusts the text size and spacing so it continues to be compliant.

A text field is used to enter the registration number with check boxes largely used for optional choices, with only legally compliant options available. Operators can choose between a text or image supplier identifier and include a coach line. Supported templates enable the use of lip images and allow changing the lip background in the preview window. Comma separating registration numbers allows batch’s to be processed for faster production runs.


As well as helping suppliers adhere to the British Standards for layout, our LG Plates Software comes with an integrated RNPS Log feature to help them keep accurate records of all the number plates they make. The information for each plate is stored along with the proof taken for identity and entitlement. Multi-branch organisations can sync local information with an instance of our LG-RNPS database for centralized back-up and monitoring. This feature can be deactivated and turned-off for organisations with their own recording systems. Advanced features may not be available by default or extra costs required.

The image below shows the RNPS Log panel with the plate tab selected.

LG Plates software RNPS Log controls
Software Installation

To ensure our software works on the largest possible number of machines and configurations we have written it to run on computers running the Windows operation system. This gives us a secure and very dependable foundation to build the software on. The latest version of our software 2.4.5 has enhanced features that require at least Windows 7 SP1 and comes on a standard USB stick (DVD disc on request). Please ensure you have a functioning anti-virus and all Windows updates are applied.

A full list of the required computer specifications & requirements are listed below.

LG Plates Software USB
  • Windows 7 SP1 and Above
  • 2.4Ghz CPU
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 1.5Gb HD Space*
  • USB Port
  • WEB Browser

No copy of LG Plates currently supports installation or functions on any version of Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Unix or any JS based operating systems. .NET 4.6 is required by the software and is installed prior to the software if not found. A functioning Web browser with Internet connectivity may be required for installation, remote support or training purposes.

* Required disc space does not include room for .NET4.6

GDPR Compliant

LG Plates software is not only fully DVLA compliant regarding its plate builder but it’s RNPS Log feature is also in accordance with the new GDPR and the current Data Protection Act. You can rest assured by default the software:

Trust Tennants UK to help ensure that you remain compliant, secure and up to date.

LG Software Compatibility

Our software has been designed for and is supposed to be used with our number plate systems. We can’t guarantee any version will function correctly with other models of printers or print legally onto other brands of blank media. Please contact us before purchasing if you’re unsure about compatibility, or contact us about getting one of our systems – they are guaranteed to work together.

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