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LG Signs Software removes the strict restrictions of legal plates and gives users the freedom to create designs for vehicles and show-rooms. This bundle includes both LG Signs and Plates software version 2.4.5, with licences and remote support for an entire year.

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LG Signs Software removes the strict restrictions of our plates software to allow operators to create designs that aren’t just road legal plates. By losing those design restrictions the software can be used to create designs for vehicles, showrooms and offices. Integrating with our specialist printing solutions it requires the capability of our LED printers to function fully.  The current version of the software 2.4.5, comes on a USB stick and requires a Windows PC for it to be installed on, a quick activation enables designs to be created and printed immediately.

The software licence provides phone and remote technical support for an entire year. Although Internet connectivity and a working web browser is required for remote support. Licences are automatically extended based on a minimum spend, otherwise you may find it more cost effective to simply purchase another years licence.

Quick information on our signs software can be found below.

Application Window

LG Signs software has features that allow users to combine and manipulate multiple text fields or images to create complex designs. Use any system installed font, add custom transparencies and layer elements. The software can set the colour on any individual design element to show off supplier branding, or vehicle makes or models.

The software uses tabs to hold the various controls and they are grouped as text, images and coach lines and backgrounds. Each change or adjustment is mirrored in real time on the design preview found below the controls.

The image below shows the main software window with the builder controls above a real time preview.

Safety signs design using LG Signs Software

The builder controls have 5 input fields to allow inserting text into a design at multiple points, even permitting the use of a different font type each time. You can include and combine up to four separate images, position and stack them to create any effect or layered finished. The software include options to move, resize, tile and align each picture, support is provided for transparencies and layering.

This software can be used to produce classic black and silver number plates, promotional and demonstration plates for showrooms or forecourts and a full range of health & safety, office and way-finding signs. A massive array of layout templates and assets come with the software and any design up to 1.3 meters long can be printed onto our white film, vinyl, or banner material.

We even include a full version of LG Plates with this software so users can supply road legal number plates and store their records for compliance.

Software Installation

To ensure our software works on the largest possible number of machines and configurations we have written it to run on computers running the Windows operation system. This gives us a secure and very dependable foundation to build the software on. The latest version of our software 2.4.5 has enhanced features that require at least Windows 7 SP1 and comes on a standard USB stick (DVD discs on request). Please ensure you have a functioning anti-virus and all Windows updates are applied.

A full list of the required computer specifications & requirements are listed below.

LG Signs Software USB
  • Windows 7 SP1 and Above
  • 2.4Ghz CPU
  • 4Gb RAM
  • 1.5Gb HD Space*
  • USB Port
  • WEB Browser

Neither LG Signs or LG Plates currently supports installation or functions on any version of Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Unix or any JS based operating systems. .NET 4.6 is required by the software and is installed prior to the software if not found. A functioning Web browser with Internet connectivity may be required for installation, remote support or training purposes.

* Required disc space does not include room for .NET4.6

LG Software Compatibility

LG Signs Software has been designed for and is supposed to be used with our printing solutions. We can’t guarantee any version will function correctly with other printer models or print legal number plates onto other brands of blank media. Please contact us before purchasing if you’re unsure about compatibility, or purchase one of our systems – they are guaranteed to work together.


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