LG Signs Upgrade

LG Signs Upgrade


The LG Signs Upgrade allows owners to upgrade old versions of our signs software suite to the latest version 2.4.5, the upgrade includes bug fixes and enhanced features (no licence).

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This 2.4.5 LG Signs upgrade is purely optional, but it will apply any bug fixes and enhanced features as well as supporting our latest modified printers. We constantly tweak and improve our software suite adding improvements and fixing any known issues. The upgrade will act as a replacement for your current software suite and the installation processes will remove any current lg software and replace it with new versions. Saved templates and stored entitlement records will not be affected by applying this upgrade. But our software includes images and these may well be changed in newer versions, copy or back-up your image folders before upgrading if in any doubt. And take note of your existing licence key information.

The lg signs upgrade does not increase your licence duration and will require an existing licence key to be provided during activation. Templates and records made with the new version may not work with older software versions. A current software licence is required to print designs and not just for phone technical support.

We offer our software for as low as possible and require a minimum spend from our customers to extend a licence for free. Alternately, occasional number plate suppliers may find it more cost effective to simply purchase another years licence.

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