Budget Series


Budget Series


The Budget Series offers a simple and robust solution to oblong number plate production. These kits come with a printer, design software, support and are pallet shipped to your premises.

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Making Number Plates Is Easy with our Budget Series

just Design, Print & Assemble

The Budget Series offers a simple, user friendly solution to oblong number plate production. This kit comes with a thermal printer, media tray, software and online support, providing your printer is connected to a computer that has access to the internet. This item will be pallet shipped to your premises by our trusted courier supplier. If you would like a refurbished laptop to run the software you can buy one here. The software will need activating before designs can be printed.

The included number plate software automates the design process and provides instant regulation compliance when plate building. This kit uses a modified thermal printer to print those software designs, error free directly onto single reflective sheets. Compact and robust enough for most workplaces or environments it can produce approximately 575* plates per printer ribbon. These kits are also capable of using reflective rolls and can being paired for dual plate production, get in touch if you’re interested in this type of set-up.

of Vehicles are Compatible
Plates Per Ribbon

* Figure based on approved 300 meter ribbon being used (black only).

The Budget Series makes number plates in just minutes using a simple 3 step process of design, print and assemble. Completed plates are made by printing designs onto reflective sheets and then assembling those sheets with an acrylic face. Combine the components together using a roller jig for a professional finish. Our matched media ensure each finished number plate meets the regulations and British Standards. Although these systems are restricted by the printers capability, their owners will find they can still make number plates to service 95% of cars on the road.

The Budget Series is perfect for producing simple oblong plates and can operate almost anywhere.

Budget Series printing yellow reflective

Budget Series Benefits

Ownership of the Budget Series has multiple benefits, including access to our expert online technical support and inside industry knowledge. Your support licence provides you with online remote assistance with any number plate printing issue. The online shop means you can re-order blank oblong media compatible with this system whenever you want. Our plate media services provide owners with pre-branded (Bottom Lines) reflective sheets, just contact us to find out more. We also do a made-up plates service, mailing full colour number plates of any size or shape on demand, it’s perfect to cover any gaps in these system’s capability. If you would like to print in full colour then we recommenced our Trade System.

Join our number plate family and find out we do more than just provide printers. Our relationship with industry regulators has helped us keep our customer base safe, legal and satisfied for over half a century. This system is great for producing simple, basic number plates on demand, it may be limited in capability for size and colour but certainly makes up for it in durability.

Technical Support

The Budget Series comes with a support package which includes 12 months phone and remote assistance for the software and any number plate printing issues. When registered, there’s a 2 year parts warranty for the Citizen thermal printer. System installation and operator training is free of charge and is carried out at your location. The included software suite comes with a full 1 year licence and a sample pack of media provides enough blanks for 20 finished number plates.

Your shop account allows you to track current prices and enables you to order replacement media or budget printer ribbons 24/7. This fully loaded solution allows any supplier to improve, expand and most importantly of all increase profit.

Note: Internet connectivity required for online remote support and an active anti-virus software must be in use. Remote and telephone support proceeds on-site visits in all cases. Use of non-authorized parts and media will invalidate service agreements and warranties. We target same day response to all issues with on-site depending on current service agreement.

This product is pallet or grouped shipped, which means there are extra costs for delivery and instructions when receiving these goods.

Due to the total cost of these items and their bulky nature, we shrink wrap and ship this product on a pallet. Exact costs for shipping can be seen once this item as been added to your basket or during the checkout process. Consignment documentation will be attached to the outside of the goods. A signature will be required on delivery and the goods should have a quick visual check for damage before signing, remember to sign goods as damaged if any is found.

A forklift or powered pallet truck would be best for moving these goods into your storage due to their size and or weight. Stripping away the wrapping material means they can be moved one at a time but be careful not to cause damage if using a knife. Check the individual items for damage and report any issues to us within 7 days of taking delivery. Installation is not included with printers bought on the website shop.

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