60 Panel White Roll Bundle


60 Panel White Roll Bundle


This 60 Panel White Roll Bundle produces 60 White 2-Part Oblong Plates compliant with BSAU145d.
Includes: 1 x nrd001wr60 + 60 x nas000

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This 60 Panel White Roll Bundle has been created to encourage compliant number plate production. Our British Standard certification is for finished number plates made with this specific plate media. So we can guarantee number plates made from them will be road legal, subject to correct use.

  • SKU/Part No: 60tuk001wr60
  • Plate Size: Standard Oblong 520x111mm
  • Plate Colour: White
  • Bundle Includes: 1 White 60 Panel Oblong Roll (nrd001wr60) and 60 Oblong Acrylic Faces (nas000)

As can be seen from the contents, you have to print and join our components together to make number plates. Therefore ensure your system prints onto reflective before buying this 60 Panel White Roll Bundle. Just like our thermal number plate printing solution for dealerships and service centres.

Bundle Components

1 x White 60 Panel Oblong Roll – nrd001wr60

White 60 Panel Oblong Roll
Oralite Number Plate Reflective is designed for printed number plate production. For 2-part number plates, you simply print on and then laminate it to the back of an acrylic face. Each retro reflective panel on the roll is fade resistant and coated to help prints bond to the surface.

60 x Oblong Acrylic Faces – nas000

naw001 Oblong Acrylic Face
Our Oblong Acrylic Faces from Toennjes, are certified to make Tennants number plates. But only when laminated to our Oralite number plate reflective rolls. Every clear acrylic face is UV stable to resist discolouring and comes with a wet adhesive face for easy assembly.

Standard 2-Part Number Plates

Tennants standard number plates realise the full potential of the basic printed number plate. And yet with just two components, we created a combination that satisfies all standards and regulations. But also keeps costs low and simplifies the assembly process.

A white Standard Number Plate

BSAU145d Number Plates

Making number plates is easy with our 3 step process.
1: Design 2: Print 3: Assemble

First, you design a number plate in our compliant software. Second you print it onto our plate media. And finally, assemble the specific matched components together.

But only when you use each part of our combined solutions, can we guarantee your number plates will be 100% legal.

Premium Jig & Roller

Assemble with a Jig & Roller

When laminating your plate media together, we recommend using a jig and roller or a professional finish.

  • Use the pins and place your Reflective panel onto the jig, printed face upwards.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on an Acrylic Face.
  • Line up the Acrylic on top, Adhesive facing down towards the reflective.
  • Carefully join the components together at the Exposed adhesive, ensure the edges match.
  • Slide both parts towards the rollers, with the Joined edge nearest.
  • Take and keep Hold of the folded adhesive cover.
  • Slowly Wind the arm so the components are fed through the roller.
  • The adhesive cover should be Removed while the roller bonds the parts together.
  • Finally, remove the other Protective Cover from the Acrylic.

Laminating Printed Reflective & Clear Acrylic Guide

1: Place your reflective on the jig, printed face up.

2: Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on an Acrylic Face.

3: With the exposed adhesive end facing towards the printed reflective, carefully stick the 2 pieces together.

4: Move the joined components to the roller, now take hold of the flap and roller arm.

5: Feed the media through the rollers using the arm, holding the flap should strip off the adhesive cover from the acrylic.

6: Once the parts are stuck together, remove the other protective cover from the clear acrylic.

Additional information

Dimensions520 × 111 mm
Media Type

2-Part, Reflective Roll

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