About Us

Here you can find out all about us at Tennants UK Ltd, this online number plate supplies shop and our vision for the future.

Founded over 50 years ago we are currently based in New Basford, Nottingham. We started out manufacturing number plates ourselves, changes in the industry meant us moving towards creating solutions for others to produce number plates. Now we are one of the premier number plate printing equipment and blank media suppliers in the UK.

Our number plates division provides a range of tiered printing solutions, suitable for either large organisations or independent suppliers. We also offer a made-up plate service where we provide finished number plates for clients who don’t manufacture themselves. And we supply a massive range of blank components, so our customers can make British Standards compliant number plates for every vehicle on the road.

We remain founder owned, meaning we are able to respond quickly and continue to evolve and innovate.

Find out about us at Tennants UK Ltd

Reliable, Responsive and Reflective

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth by delivering quality products twinned with dependable support. We are doing this by first improving our product lines so they’re modern, more productive and cost effective to use.

Secondly we aim to elevate our customer service, by offering support that provides ongoing assistance and helps to keep clients operating efficiently.

Tennants UK Shop

The Tennants UK Shop is provided to meet the needs of modern number plate suppliers. On it our core plate media components are available for ordering online 24/7, eliminating human error from the process and allowing customers to place orders whenever they want. We guarantee the best turnaround in the industry and provide a next day delivery service on most orders placed before 2pm. All the plate media we offer makes standards compliant number plates when matched together and assembled correctly. Our product range will be expanded periodically or even on demand, just let us know if you want something adding.

Individual accounts will provide each customer with an itemised order history with a re-order facility and automatic email confirmations for new orders, processing and dispatch. When logged into an account they will be able to see prices and make purchases. The account dashboard contain all the shop stored account information which can be updated, including passwords. Compliant with the latest data protection and privacy regulations, only the information required to operate the shop is required and is stored securely. Payments are handled by a leading payment gateway, providing a completely secure service and accepting multiple methods of payment.

Marketing and sales promotions will have to explicitly opted into and are provided via email only. This means account holders have to consent and opt-in to our email sales promotions. Standard sales will offer money off certain items and free delivery on certain product lines or large orders. Certain sales may not apply to customers with established trade discounts. Email marketing can be cancelled or opted out off any time either by clicking the link on the bottom of each email or by filling in the opt out form on our contact us page.

Shop Accounts

To shop online with us you’ll need to be an Existing Tennants Number Plate customer & use our solutions. If you want a shop account, contact your account manager or our customer services team. Remember to read the shop terms and conditions and privacy policy before requesting an account. Both these documents should be considered supplementary to our trade terms and conditions, which covers our business to business relationship.

Our contact information can be found on the contact us page if you have any questions, along with forms for email marketing and account closure. When instructed to remove or cancel a shop account, all data related to the user and their order history will also be deleted.

Note: Shop accounts are automatically deleted after 12 months inactivity. If you only buy once per year, please ensure you log-in to keep your account active. If need an account re-setting, contact customer services or fill in the application form.