Tennants UK Shop for Number Plate Customers

Tennants UK Shop provides a range of blank components for our Number Plate Customers across Mainland UK. This includes packs of our plate media, which is all certified to British Standards. Notably with next day delivery for most orders received before 2pm, except pre-printed media. And free delivery on orders over £300. If you want a NP-Shop account contact your account-manager or our customer services team.

Our components make 3 plate constructions, Reflective, Film and 3-Part. Each one has a strict specification, which requires you to match specific plate media together. But once you do, they will be compliant to BSAU145e Standards.

The shop’s range now includes more choice, including standard oblong, 11×8 inch and motorcycle plate media. Alongside those we offer US and Asian import sizes, large, oversized and shaped plates. And for the enthusiast market, take a look at our 3D Digits, short plates and classic plates. In Sign Media you’ll find a selection of components too small for standard number-plates.

Note: NP-Shop Accounts are automatically deleted after 12 months inactivity. If you only buy once per year, please ensure you log-in to keep your account active. If you need an account re-setting, please contact our customer services team.


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