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If you have a question about our products or how the shop functions, please feel free to contact us using one of the methods listed here.

Pick up the phone and contact us

The information below shows the many ways to contact us. Simply select whether to phone and talk to a real person or use email for a quicker response. Our dedicated team specialises in our products and will be happy to assist with any inquiry. There are email marketing opt in or out forms on this page and an account removal form for shutting down your account and having all your data deleted.

Any personal contact details you provide on this page will only be used to carry out your instruction or respond to your inquiry. The privacy policy notice shows how we collect and process information from website visitors and shop account holders.

For in depth information on our product lines and services please browse our main site – Details are provided there on each of our internal divisions and their complete services. If you’re after number plate support please note we regularly add articles to our number plate Knowledge Base, check it out – the answer your after may already be there.

Office Hours


Out of Office

Easter BH:Friday 7th April to Monday 10th April
May BH:Monday 1st May
Coronation BH:Monday 8th May
Spring BH:Monday 29nd May
Summer BH:Monday 28th August
Christmas:Friday 22nd to Thursday 27th December
New Year:Friday 29th December to Monday 1st January

Postal Address

Tennants UK Ltd
77 Duke Street
New Basford

Main Contact Form

Any Information provided below will be used to deal with your inquiry then deleted.

Shop Accounts

To purchase from us you’ll need to be over 18 years of age and hold a trade and shop account. You should read both the terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting any request for an account. Both these documents should be considered supplementary to the trade terms and conditions, which covers our business to business relationship. Be aware, we only accept account requests from DVLA registered number plate suppliers. And you’ll need to provide us with your valid RNPS Id number and business information on application for verification.

Note: Shop accounts are automatically deleted after 12 months inactivity. If you only buy once per year, please ensure you log-in to keep your account active. If need an account re-setting, contact customer services or fill in the application form.

The shop operates a business to business service, selling number plate supplies to authorised clients only. Payment is due in full on order checkout and there is no form of deferred payment unless pre-arranged. Most orders placed before 2pm will be sent by a standard next day service. All we ask is that you hold a valid RNPS Id number when you place your order and obey the terms and conditions of being an account holder.

Apply for a trade and shop account on the account application page or contact us directly with your request.

Below you will find forms to consent to email marketing where you’ll receive discounts, sales or promotion information. You can stop marketing emails at any time using the opt out form or by checking the relevant link on each email. You can request a copy of all the personal data this shop collects about you, simply submit your data request. Shop accounts can also cancelled and if confirmed, all relevant account data will be removed from the online shop.

Personal Information Request

If you would like a copy of all the information this shop holds about you, please provide your email address and hit Send Request. Once your request has been verified via email, you’ll be sent a link to download your personal data. The information is placed on a HTML page within a Zip, making it portable and easy to read.

Note: Submitted information will only be used to carry out your request.

Account Removal

Please fill in the form below to indicate your request and consent to having your shop account, order history and user data deleted. We will be in touch to confirm this instruction is genuine before proceeding. Information provided here will only be used to validate and carry out this instruction.

Check this box to indicate you understand this will remove all trace of your account from this system. And you consent to receiving contact to confirm this instruction.