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On this page you can find out how to take advantage of our online shop’s promotions and sales.

View the standard promotions and sales running on the Tennants UK Shop for our number plate supplies. Please pay attention to their rules to avoid confusion and to be certain you qualify and save money on your next order. If you’ve signed up to our email marketing you may already have been notified of these basic promotions, if not sign up now and avoid missing out.

The coupons and offers listed below are available to shop account holders only and are not transferable or applicable to offline sales. Each promotion is linked to a particular spend or product, and those items must be in a cart or the order meet a certain amount to qualify. Promotions may be limited to a single use per account and or even be time limited. Certain sales or promotions may not be applicable to trade customers with established discounts.

Any and all promotions and discounts listed here apply to the online shop only.

Free Shipping on Orders over £250
Spring Adhesive Pads Offer
Spring Software Offer
Spring GB Plates Offer

April Sales

10% Off Packs of Oblong Clear Film

We are offering 10% OFF Packs of Oblong Clear Film from the 3rd to 16th April 2018, take advantage and reduce the production cost of your number plates. Our LG oblong clear film sheets have been specifically manufactured for producing number plates, each sheet is coated with a material that helps printer toner bond to the surface. When film printing combine printed film sheets with its matched media oblong plates, then your number plates will meet regulations.

This sale will be automatically applied to our oblong clear film and requires no action by online shop customers.

Save 10% on a New Budget Printer

From the 3rd to 16th April 2018 you can get 10% OFF A Budget Printer, buy one and you’ll be able to make basic number plates wherever you want. This discount is automatically applied to the printers price and requires no action by customers.

Each Budget Printer we modify will have been altered to produce oblong number plates, these printers are the same models we use in our Budget Series systems. They are single sheet fed machines that make approx 575 number plates per printer ribbon. They are configured to use reflective printing, that’s where they print directly onto a blank reflective before it’s combined with an acrylic face.

Assemble like a PRO with 15% OFF our Premium Roller Jigs

Buy our Premium Roller Jigs with 15% OFF between the 3rd and the 16th of April 2018 and make professional finished number plates for even less. The Premium Roller Jig helps more experienced users to create number plates with speedy ease. Made from painted metal it can be quickly wiped down and is extremely well put together. It features high lining up pins that make this an accurate means of combining media components. Its height adjustable heavy duty rollers permit using a variety of media thicknesses.

When active this sale is automatically applied to the product and requires no action by shop customers.

Stick em’ up! - 10% OFF Adhesive Pads

We’re practically giving away rolls of 1000 Adhesive Pads with 10% OFF, this offer runs between the 17th and the 30th of April 2018 and only apply to shop purchases. Our 1000 adhesive pads allow customers to stick their replacement number plates with ease to the front or back of their vehicle. You can use these pads with number plates made with both film and reflective printing.

When active this sale is automatically applied to the product and requires no action by shop customers.

Save 15% on LG Plates Software v2.4.5

From the 17th to 30th April 2018 you can get 15% OFF LG Plates Software on the online shop. The latest version of our software has improved validation and fonts along with support for lipped oblong plates*. LG Plates only produces road legal plates but it does this while remaining user friendly and GDPR compliant. The integrated RNPS Log allows suppliers to keep view-able records of all the plates they make and their customers can rest assured only legally required details are used and stored safely. This discount is automatically applied to the product during this period and requires no action by our customers.

*Making lipped plates requires the use of our pre-branded lipped media unless suppliers are using a Pro Series.

10% OFF Single Oblong GB Plates

Take advantage of this promotion and Save 10% on Oblong GB Plates from the 17th to the 30th of April 2018 and make number plates for less. When active this sale is automatically applied to the product and requires no action by shop customers. Our oblong White and Yellow GB Plates need to be used with our clear film sheets to produce a BS compliant number plates.

This sale only applies to included items purchased made from this online shop.

Permanent Offers

Free Shipping for Orders Over £250

Tennants UK Shop’s Free Shipping offer applies to all products excluding our systems and modified printers. To qualify each order must total at least £250 excluding VAT and not contain an excluded item. Free shipping automatically becomes available for selection once a cart meets this target amount. Excluded products are only prohibited from this offer because they are bulk or pallet shipped.

Promotional Coupons

If you have a promotional coupon you simply need to enter its code on either the cart page or during checkout. A large Discount Code box is available on both pages for entering it into, on the checkout page it is placed at the Top of the Page.

Just type the coupon code into the box and then press the Apply Coupon button. You should see a confirmation message appear, and its effects should have been applied to any eligible items. Some coupons will be limited to a single use, be for particular products, may be time limited and may not be applied to items on sale.

Coming Soon

10% Off Adhesive Pads

15% Off LG Plates

10% Off Oblong GB Plates

more details coming soon.

More Information

If you need more information on the promotions, discounts or coupons listed on this page please drop us a line. Use our general contact details and get in touch with customer services with your inquiry. Remember these discounts and promotions apply to online shop orders only.