General FAQ

Here you will find a selection of commonly asked questions about our shop, products or services in general. Just select a question below to reveal its answer.

When you Log-In or when you use a My-Account link, you will be sent to your Account Dashboard area. Here you can set your account details like billing and shipping addresses, alter the email address used for the account and set a new password. The dashboard is split up into six tabs, quick details on each area can be found below.

Your Account Dashboard Area

Dashboard: This tab leads to the account homepage. There are links on it to the shop, privacy policy, terms and conditions and our contacts page.

My Orders: On this page you can find a list of your orders with the last order you placed at the top. On each individual order page is listed the date the order was received and its current condition (processing/completed). Products included on the order are listed with their price, with the orders overall shipping cost, VAT and total. The orders billing and shipping addresses at the time are also shown here.

Re-Order: On each individual order page just above the billing or shipping address, is a button labeled 'Order again' By clicking this button you will be able to re-order this complete order. The system will then add this list of products to the current cart and then take you to the cart page, ready for checkout.

Edit Account: Here you can alter the user name and set the email address the shop uses to communicate with you. This email address is used by the system to send notifications for orders and messages. You can also Alter your Password here, simply enter your existing one before twice entering a replacement password.

Edit Address: You can set or alter the default addresses used by the shop system on this page. These details are used to pre-populate the fields used for both the billing and shipping addresses. We recommend setting to the Billing Address to match the payment method you use to pay for orders to ensure payment is successful.

By default the system uses the billing address first. On checkout, you can select an Different Shipping Address by ticking the checkbox. You can alter both addresses during checkout for a single order if you wish.

Logout: Clicking logout returns you to you account dashboard, where you need to confirm the logout request before it can happen. Once confirmed, you will automatically be taken back to the account log-in page.

Once you are happy with the contents of your cart you need to click Proceed to Checkout. The checkout page is where you confirm your order, select a shipping address and add a note to the order before you make a payment and place the order. Checkout has various sections for you to review and fine tune an order before you place it, you can find details of them below.

Payment for each order becomes due in full before you can place it on the shop.

Discount Code
Here you get a final chance to input a coupon code and get a reduction on your carts total price.

Billing Addresses
If you have filled in the billing and shipping addresses within your dashboard, these fields will be pre-populated and wont need changing. Ensure your Billing Address is set to the same as your payment method to help ensure your payment is accepted. A Valid Email address is required for order and dispatch confirmation. To set up Delivery to a Different Address, simply tick the box and alter the fields for the alternate address.

Order Notes
Enter any instructions regarding the order, delivery or any further requirements in the box provided.

Screenshot of the Order Review

Order Review
The order review lists the contents of the order with the products and their prices with the shipping and VAT costs.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping can still be selected if eligible and hasn't been selected at this point. Once it is selected, the shipping, VAT and total costs should be altered to display any changes.

Screenshot of the Payment Methods

Payment Methods
Listed here are the methods of payments available on the shop or by your account. If several are shown simply select and tick the one you wish to use.

Terms & Conditions
The term and conditions indicator will need selecting (ticking) to indicate your consent and understanding of them before you can continue to making payment.

Grand Total
The final cost of this order is displayed here in GB Pounds.

When you're happy with the order and are ready to pay and place the order, you'll need to click the Pay Now button. On pressing it you will be sent to the shops payment service provider.

Sage Pay
On pressing the Pay Now button on the checkout page you are sent to the shops payment service provider Sage Pay. There you can see how much is left To Pay, along with a selection of possible payment methods. Simply select one method, follow its instructions and enter your payment details. Click Confirm to make the payment and place your order on the shop.

Once payment has been verified, you’ll sent back to the shop and the order confirmation page. The shop sends you an email to confirm the order has been received and is now visible in your order history. Once the order has been checked and stock allocated, its status will be updated. You'll then get an email reporting its been sent to dispatch for delivery.

Our accounts department will send you a final receipt/invoice of your order for your own records.

A signature is required on delivery of shop orders and the goods should undergo a quick visual check for package Damage before you sign. Report any damage you find to the driver and also note it when your sign for the delivery.

If any damage is found you also need report it to us within 24 hours to be covered by our returns procedure. You can email number plates at or phone on 0115 9738084 our Office Hours are listed on the contact us page.

Most deliveries will have a set charge of £10 unless you are ordering over £250 worth of goods. If that is the case, then the option for Free Shipping appears and can be selected on the cart page with in the Cart Totals section. Refresh the page if the option isn't visible and you believe it should be. The offer applies to all products Excluding Systems and Modified Printers, these item are exempt because they are bulky and shipped on a pallet.

To qualify for free shipping an order must total at least £250 excluding VAT and not contain an excluded item. The option automatically becomes available for selection in the cart or during checkout once an order meets this target amount. The Shipping Address used for delivery is the one selected by you during checkout or your default set in your account dashboard.

Our Free Shipping Offer in the Cart

Free Shipping can still be selected if eligible and it hasn’t been selected at the point of checkout. Once selected, the shipping, VAT and total costs should be altered to display any changes in value.

Screenshot of the Order Review

There are several locations with links leading to the customer Log In. These are the Top Bar located on the right hand side of the page, the main navigation using the Account Pages and on the footer within the Account Links.

Shop Account Log-in

All these links lead to a system controlled 'my-account' page with fields for your user name and password. Once logged in or when using the account dashboard link you will automatically be be sent to your Dashboard area.

Your Account Dashboard Area

To Log Out either click the link at the top right of the page which will take you to your account dashboard to confirm the instruction.

Account Logout Link

Alternately you can return to your Account Dashboard and once there click log out. The page will then reload and ask you to then confirm your intention. After logging out you will be sent to the log-in page, product prices will hidden on the shop and you will be unable to buy any goods without logging in once again.

To re-order simply access your account and enter your My Orders area. Locate the order you'd like to buy again and click to open it. On each completed order just above the billing or shipping address, is a button labeled Order Again. Click this button to re-order all the products in this order.

Reorder Button on Old Order

The shop system will add those products to the current cart and then automatically take you to the cart page to review it before you checkout.

To purchase from us you’ll need to be hold a trade and Shop Account, you can register by filling in an Account Application form online or Contact Us directly with your request. There are conditions and requirements to holding an account and these should be understood and agreed to before applying. If you are an existing trade customer simply contact your account representative or contact our customer services directly with your request.

Read our shops terms and conditions and privacy policy, both these documents should be considered supplementary to our Trade terms and conditions, which covers our business to business relationship. Be aware, we only accept shop account requests from DVLA registered number plate suppliers, this is a required legality. You will need to provide us with your RNPS number and business information on your application for verification.

This shop operates a Business to Business service, selling number plate supplies to authorised customers within mainland UK only. Payment is due in full on checkout for each order and deferred payments have to be pre-arranged. All we ask is that you hold a valid RNPS Id number when you place your order and obey the terms and conditions of being an account holder.

To see prices you will need to be a shop account holder and Log In to your account. Without being logged in no-one can see their prices, get discounts or order anything from the online shop. If you are a trade customer with an established discount, plate media prices should automatically reflect your individual prices.

Shop Account Log-in

Shop Accounts
To purchase from us you’ll need to be over 18 years of age and hold a trade and shop account. You can apply on our Account Application page, read both the shops terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting any request for an account. Both these documents should be considered supplementary to our Trade terms and conditions, which covers our Business to Business relationship. Be aware, we only accept account requests from DVLA registered number plate suppliers. And you’ll need to provide us with your valid RNPS Id number and business information on application for verification.

The shop operates a business to business service, selling number plate supplies to authorised clients only. Payment is due in full on order checkout and there is no form of deferred payment.

All we ask is that you hold a valid RNPS Id number when you place an order and obey the terms and conditions of holding an account.

Changing your password can be done from within your Account Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to alter your account settings, passwords can be found within the Edit Account tab.

Simply click to load the edit account page and then locate the password fields, you will need to enter your current password first to validate any changes. Then, you can enter and then confirm your new password. Click the Save changes button to update the settings. You will need to enter the new password when you next Log In.

Edit Account Page