Harley Davidson – 7¼x4¼ inch

Harley-Davidson Plate Media 184x108mmHere’s our 7¼x4¼ inch or 184x108mm media, the size used for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Plates. Below you’ll find matched components to make Film, Reflective & 3-Part Plates. And as long as you follow our strict specification, your plates will be compliant with British Standards. For larger bike plates try our Motorcycle & Large Plates sections.

Before you buy any plate media, please ensure it is compatible with your printing system first. And remember our 20 Plate Bundles have 10% OFF trade rates, unless you have a pre-arranged discount.

If you print onto reflective, select Acrylic Faces and Dry Reflective. For film printing, pick Clear Film and ABS Plates. Or if you make 3-Part Plates, you’ll need Clear Film & Acrylic with Wet Reflective.

Note: Most of our protective covers are transparent, but some batches are coloured blue or green.