Oversized Plates – 9 Sizes

Media for Oversized PlatesHere’s our media for making the Oversized Number Plates you often see on luxury cars. Thus covering models like the BMW SUV and Bentley Continental. We offer 9 size steps within this range, which means over 70 different components. So we suggest using the quick filters to make it easier to find your target size.

Designed for our specialist printers, you’ll find matched components for Film, Reflective or 3-Part plates. And as long as you follow our strict specification, your plates will be compliant with British Standards. Before buying check the size & ensure you select plate media compatible with your printer.

If you print onto reflective, select Acrylic Faces and Dry Reflective. For film printing, pick Clear Film and LG EnviroPlate. Or if you make 3-Part plates, you’ll need Film, Acrylic Faces and Wet Reflective.

Note: Most of our protective covers are transparent, but some batches are coloured blue or green.