Short Plates – 3 to 6 Digits

Short PlatesHere’s our components for making Short Plates. Which are perfect for the 3 to 6 digits found on private registrations. Available in three sizes, 355x111mm & 406x111mm for 3-5 digit registrations. And 457x111mm for 6 digits, format permitting.

Designed for our specialist printing systems, you’ll find matched components for Film, Reflective or 3-Part printing. And as long as you follow our strict specification, you will be compliant with British Standards. Before buying, just ensure you select media compatible with your printer.

For Reflective printing, select Acrylic Faces and Dry Reflective. If you make Film Plates pick Clear Film and LG EnviroPlate. And 3-Part uses Clear Acrylic & Film with Wet Reflective. Or you can save time by picking our Matched Bundles.

Note: Most of our protective covers are transparent, but some batches are coloured blue or green.