Major Number Plate News

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Major Number Plate News

Well, it’s been a busy old time in the Number Plate industry in recent weeks, and now there’s some Major Number Plate News from the Government. So for those of you who aren’t currently in the know, here’s a summary of what’s been happening:

BSAU 145e

First up is the news that legal plates can be supplied in conformance to BSAU 145e from 1st January 2021. Number Plates can still be produced to 145d until the issue of 21 plates, so up to and including 31st August. Full details on how this affects the scope of design will be confirmed in the coming weeks and months.
But in the meantime, the main points to note are as follows:

  • Single colour bottom line only – Text/Logo (max height 10mm).
  • Solid black registrations only – No 3D, Hi-Line or Carbon fonts.
  • A 7mm isolation area between registration and any other element.
  • A 10mm gap between registration and coach-line.
  • A 11mm gap between registration and edge of plate.

We will work with all of our customers into the new year to provide media which will allow you to make the most of the new criteria. In the meantime you can continue to make plates as normal.

Update May 2021: Details on the new BSAU145e tests and regulation changes can now be viewed on our Knowledge Base. Specifically the BSAU145e and What is a Legal Plate articles. And we can confirm our matched components are certified & meet 145e standards.

GB Euro Badges

And also from 1st January 2021 New UK Number Plates will no longer be able to display the GB Euro Side Badge. There is no need to remove existing GB Euro plates provided they were fitted prior to 2021. But in order to drive within the EU, vehicle owners must now display a separate GB oval.

Visit the BNMA Website for more information: GB EU Badge Article.

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