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Welcome to Tennants UK Shop for Number Plate Suppliers

Here on the Tennants NP-Shop, we offer a range of number plate components to Trade Customers across Mainland UK. This includes packs of our blank plate media, which is all certified to British Standards. Notably with next day delivery for most orders received before 2pm, except pre-printed media. And free delivery on orders over £300.

We offer components for 3 plate constructions, Reflective, Film and 3-Part. Each one has a strict specification, which requires you to match specific plate media together. But once you do, your finished number plates will be compliant to BSAU145e. And they come in Packs of 10 or 25 with Bundles of 20 or 50 Plates on popular media sizes.

You find more plate sizes than before, to cover standard, import, large, oversized and shaped plates. Not to mention a selection of matched bundles, for easy compliance. In short, the bundles make it easy for you to buy matched components for a specific construction. For those interested in tapping into the enthusiast market, try our 3D Digits, Short Plates & Sign Media.

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True-3D Number Plate Digits from TennantsUK
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