10 239x188mm Dry Reflective

nrd093y - Yellow 239x188mm Dry Reflective

10 239x188mm Dry Reflective


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This 239x188mm Dry Reflective is used to make Large Motorcycle Plate & comes in packs of 10 sheets.

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  • Size: 239x188mm
  • Quantity: 10 Dry Reflective Sheets
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Printable: Yes
  • For: Large Motorcycle Plates
  • Make Reflective Plates: 239x188mm Clear Acrylic.

Each one of our 239x188mm Dry Reflective sheets is UV stable and resistant to fading. Despite only coming in yellow, it provides superior bonding when printed. And it adds the much needed reflectivity to your number plates. However don’t forget, you use these for BSAU145e compliant borders on Large Motorcycle Plates.

Reflective Number Plates

Reflective and Acrylic Plates

You make standards compliant number plates by printing onto a reflective sheet, then laminating it underneath an acrylic face.

For more information on standards and regulations, check out our main site and the number plates pages or knowledge base.

Combining Components

Jig combining reflective and acrylic

Make a number plate using our 3 step process.
1: Design 2: Print 3: Assemble
Build it in our software, then print it out and simply assemble the matched components together.

Assemble with a Jig & Roller

Whenever you make a printed number plate, we recommend using a jig and roller for a professional finish.

Reflective Plates
  • Use the pins and place your Reflective sheet on the jig, positioned flat and square.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on an Acrylic face.
  • Line up the Acrylic on top, Adhesive facing down towards the reflective.
  • Carefully join the components together at the Exposed adhesive, ensure the edges match.
  • Slide both parts towards the rollers, Joined edge nearest.
  • Take and keep Hold of the folded adhesive cover.
  • Slowly Wind the arm so the components are fed through the roller.
  • The adhesive cover should be Removed while the roller bonds the parts together.
  • Finally, remove the other protective Cover from the Acrylic.

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Dimensions239 × 188 × 0.4 mm
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Dry Reflective, Reflective Plates



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