Premium Roller Jig

Premium Roller Jig


The premium roller jig helps you assemble number plates accurately, with high pins to align components and height adjustable rollers.

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The premium roller jig helps you make number plates quickly and accurately, time after time. Not only does its metal pins help you perfectly align and combine components. But the heavy-duty rollers compress and bond your media together.

Made from painted metal, it’s extremely well put together and very durable. And its twin, height adjustable rollers permit you to use a variety of media thicknesses. Which comes in handy when producing vehicle signs.

Using the Jig and Roller

Using this roller jig to assemble a number plate means following some simple steps to ensure every plate made has a professional finish. The quick guides below show how to assemble a film printed 3-Part Hybrid Plate or a reflective printed 2-Part Standard Plate. But they should only be considered basic guides.

Film Printing - 3-Part Hybrid Plates
  • Place your printed Clear Film face up on the jig.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on a Clear Acrylic Face.
  • Position the Acrylic above the Film, Adhesive Side Down and carefully join the two pieces together
  • Leading with the joined edge, keep hold of the Fold and slowly wind the arm & Feed the parts through the rollers.
  • This will remove the adhesive cover and bond the two parts together.
  • Next, put a Wet Reflective adhesive face up on the jig, folding back part of its cover.
  • Position the parts joined earlier on top with the Film Facing Down, join them together at the exposed edge.
  • Once again Feed them through the rollers, keeping hold of the folded over adhesive cover.
  • This will remove the wet reflective’s adhesive cover and Bond all the parts together.
  • Finally, remove the outer protective Cover from the Acrylic face.
Jig & Roller combing film and a plate
Reflective Printing - 2-Part Standard Plates
  • Use the pins and place your Printed Reflective on the jig, positioned flat and square.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on an Clear Acrylic face.
  • Line up the Acrylic on top, Adhesive facing down towards the reflective.
  • Carefully join the components together at the Exposed adhesive, ensure the edges match.
  • Slide both parts towards the rollers, with the Joined edge nearest.
  • Take and keep Hold of the folded over adhesive cover.
  • Slowly Wind the arm so the components are fed through the rollers.
  • The adhesive cover should be Removed while the rollers bond the parts together.
  • Finally, remove the outer protective Cover from the Acrylic face.
Premium Roller Jig Maintenance

The jig bed and vertical lining-up pins are made from a durable material which along with the roller sides can be easily wiped down. The rollers are made from a soft rubber, so take care when cleaning not to scour their surface. Use a lint free cloth and mild detergent, wipe away any dust or dirt and allow all surfaces to dry completely before further use.

Keep your jig in a clean environment so finished plates made with it aren’t contaminated with dirt or grease. If any pins become loose they can simply be tightened up by turning them clockwise.

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