10 178x127mm Clear Acrylic

naw007 - 178x127mm Clear Acrylic

10 178x127mm Clear Acrylic


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Our 178x127mm Clear Acrylic makes Reflective Signs or Plates & comes in packs of 10 faces.
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  • Size: 7×5 inch / 178x127mm
  • Quantity: 10 Acrylic Faces
  • Colour: Clear
  • Wet Faced: Yes – Adhesive Coated
  • Reflective Signs: Laminate onto 178x127mm Dry Reflective.

Each one of our 178x127mm Clear Acrylic faces is 3mm thick and UV stable to resist clouding and discolouring. Wet-faced, the adhesive coating is protected by a quick release cover. And its rigidity adds both strength and durability to your printed Signs.

Clear Acrylic can be used to make both Reflective Signs & Plates. For the best results & compliance, mount your 178x127mm Clear Acrylic above a printed reflective sheet. And your signs will benefit from meeting our number plates specification.

Make Reflective Signs and Plates

Making Simple Signs

Premium Jig & Roller

Make signs & showroom plates using our easy 3 step process.
1: Design 2: Print 3: Assemble
Build it in our software, then print it out and simply assemble the matched components together.

Assemble with a Jig & Roller

Whenever you make a printed sign or number plate, we recommend a jig and roller for a professional finish.

  • Use the pins and place your Dry Reflective face up on the jig.
  • Now fold back the adhesive cover on one end of a Clear Acrylic face.
  • Next, line up the Acrylic with the Adhesive facing down towards the reflective.
  • Then carefully join the components together at the Exposed End.
  • Slide both parts towards the rollers, with the Joined Edge nearest.
  • Take and keep Hold of the adhesive cover you folded over earlier.
  • And slowly Wind the arm so your components are fed through the roller.
  • This will Strip Off the adhesive cover, while the roller bonds it together.
  • Finally, remove the other protective Cover from the Acrylic face.

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Dimensions178 × 127 × 3 mm
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Acrylic Face, Reflective Plates

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Tennants UK