The Green Mile

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The Green Mile

The Statutory Instrument allowing the sale of number plates with green side badges for Zero Emission Electric Vehicles (ZEV’s) now has the official go ahead – the BNMA. So we thought we’d get our PLUG IN straight away.

WATT’s Happening:

After months of waiting, the initiative is set to commence on 8th December 2020 and arrives alongside confirmation from the government that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will cease in 2030. Green Plates are available for new and existing ZEVs, but not hybrids. The green badge may include National Flags if desired and you can still display borders and True 3D digits on the registration.

We’re able to begin printing stock now, so don’t delay in getting orders placed. And remember, we can provide a Made-Up-Plates service for this product if preferred. And don’t worry, we won’t CHARGE a fortune.

Remember these Green Plates are for use on Zero Emission Vehicles only. And are to identify cars so local government and council schemes can reward owners with concessions. Talks are ongoing over what these rewards may actually be.

As soon as we’ve clarified their reflectivity & layout requirements, components for these new plates will appear on this shop soon. Until then contact our Customer Services team for more information or to place an order.

July 2021 Update: Green badged ZEV plate media is now on this shop, alongside our blue badged National Flags.

ZEV Green Badges

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