For When Less is More

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For When Less is More

Tennants Short Plates are perfect for when less is more and you want that extra bling for your number plates.

We don’t like waste here at Tenants, after all sometimes less really is more. And although we would refute accusations of obsessive compulsive behaviour, we do admit to appreciating the neat and tidy. If you’re the same – and we know many of you are – then our Short Plates range will satisfy your need for minimal space on your plates.

Our Short Plates components come in three sizes, to meet demand the for 3 to 6 Digit Plates. Yet because we’ve kept to standard oblong rules, you can easily combine them with our 3D digits. Creating ultra stylish minimalist number plates, but with a touch of added bling.

Short Plate Media

Since we’re using our standard oblong components, we guarantee they’re road-legal. But only when you use our combined solutions of printer, software & components. After all, they will be covered by our certificate of conformity for BSAU145e. Perfect for for when less is more.

Use the button below to view our PDF Flyer for more info.

With the new short plate components are on this trade shop, try them out. To be effective you’ll need to get a good selection to start you off, Then just buy replacements, as and when you need to.  Contact our Customer Services team for more information or to become a Tennants UK customer.

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