Overseas Travel Side Badges

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Overseas Travel Side Badges

The new Overseas Travel Friendly Side Badges became road legal on the 28th September 2021. Just don’t forget to drive on the right side of the road when you’re abroad.

So, another week and another red letter day in the Number Plate industry. The latest heralds the official introduction of the Overseas Range of side badges for legal number plates. Which allow drivers to travel in Europe without the necessity for a separate Oval UK Sticker.

Plate up your car featuring a badge from the options shown above, and you’re covered for an exciting European road trip. As you can see these badges come with a new specification and design, compliant with 145e and ANPR cameras. And even green backed versions exclusively for Zero Emission Vehicles.

Overseas Travel Side Badges Specifications

  • Union Flag displayed in landscape.
  • UK Identifier in Royal Blue to match the flag.
  • Specific element sizes and spacing.
  • Badge background has to match plate colouring – white/yellow.
  • ZEV versions will use a specific green background.
  • Badge must be positioned on the left hand side.

But don’t worry if you don’t have one of these badges. Or even if you have a different type of badge. Because all you have to do for overseas travel is display a separate UK sticker.

Available Now

Our Overseas Travel Range components are now available to buy on this shop. Find packs of pre-printed reflective in oblong, 4×4 and motorcycle sizes, including green ZEV versions in our Badged Media section. Or click the items listed below.

Foreign/Overseas Badges

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