True 3D Number 8 Digits

True 3D Number 8 Digits

True 3D Number 8 Digits


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This is a Pack of 10 True 3D Number 8 Digits made using the Charles Wright font and certified for Tennants number plates only.

Size: Pick 79mm or 64mm Digits.

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  • Pack Contents: 10 x Number 8
  • Type: True 3D Digits
  • Sizes: 79x50mm / 64x44mm
  • Includes: High Tack Adhesive with Protective Covers.

This is a Pack of 10 True 3D Number 8 Digits made using the Charles Wright font. True 3D digits add a new dimension to your printed number plates. Creating a finished product which is much sought after by car enthusiasts. And are perfect for most vehicles, 64mm for motorcycles & 79mm for everything else.

Every True 3D digit is certified to BSAU145e standards when mounted on a Tennants number plate. But this is subject to its correct use on specific plate constructions, such as our Reflective & 3-Part Plates. Only then, can we guarantee your True 3D Number Plate is road legal and standards compliant.

True 3D Number Plate Assembly Guide

This is a quick guide to making a True 3D Number Plate using our stick-on digits. For a more detailed guide check out the NP Knowledge Base on our main website.

To start, simply make your number plate as normal. Ensure you remove the protective cover from the acrylic face. And bond your components together using a jig and roller.

A Reflective Number Plate

1: Use a Clean Work Area & Prepare A Digit

Remove carrier film from 3D Digit Adhesive

Start by placing your number plate flat on a clean and well lit work surface. Then remove the carrier film from the rear of the first digit. This is the side with the specialist adhesive, and is completely flat without bevelled edges.

2: Align Digit with Printed Registration

Align digit with the printed registration

Now, using the printed registration as a guide, position your digit carefully above a character. Since the number plate uses the same font, it’s perfectly sized to be used as a alignment guide.

3: Apply Digit Firmly to the Acrylic Face

Apply 3D Digit to the number plate

Next, press the black digit down firmly into place. Hold it on the surface for a few seconds, so the high-tack adhesive can bond. Simply repeat these application steps for each digit of the registration mark.

Note: Digit adhesive is pressure sensitive and is not be removable once placed.

4: Remove Protective Film off Digits

Remove the protective film off the fixed digits

Once you’ve fitted each digit, it’s now time to remove the carrier film from them. This clear film protects the digits from getting dirty or scratched before use.

Wait a few minutes after mounting for the glue to cure, before handling or fitting to a vehicle.

A True 3D Number Plate made using adhesive Digits and Letters

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