True 3D Compliancy Update

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Tennants-True-3D-True 3D Compliancy-Update

True 3D Compliancy Update

This True 3D Compliancy Update is to remind you our digits are BSAU145e compliant. To echo a previous post, we recently achieved BSAU 145e passes for our 3D digits. With our plates passing all its relevant tests on visibility and durability.

Please note that in our opinion, two colour digits are not legal as they don’t pass the camera tests. And Gel letters fail on weathering, plus they’re not usually made with the correct font.

Road Legal 3D Digits

But our 3D Digits are perfect for adding a new dimension to your printed number plates. Creating a bespoke or custom plate which is much sought after by car enthusiasts. And it’s both MOT and road legal, subject to its correct use on a Tennants number plate.

Take a look and browse the range below or head here to our True 3D Digits.

True 3D Digits

As you can see each digit is made using our Charles Wright font for standard number plates. So you’ll be able to produce both Oblong and 4×4 Number Plates. And they come with a high tack adhesive, compatible with our specific Reflective & 3-Part Plate constructions. All you need to do is make your number plate as normal, then apply our True 3D Digits on top.

Note: True 3D Digits are not yet certified for Film Plates.

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