True 3D Letter N Digits


True 3D Letter N Digits


This is a 6 Pack of True 3D Letter N Digits. To ensure you only make certified legal number plates, only mount them onto a Tennants UK Plate.

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This is a pack of 6 True 3D Letter N Digits, for use with printed number plates. Our certification is for finished number plates made with our components. So we can guarantee plates produced from them will be road legal, subject to correct use.

  • SKU/Part No: nc064n
  • Contents: 6 x Letter N
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes: High tack adhesive & protective covers.

As you already know, you print and join our components together to make number plates. And using these stick-on digits, you can add a new dimension to yours. Creating stylish number plates, much sought after by the car enthusiast market.

Note: Compatible with LG Software 2.4.7 and above only. Incompatible with all Print Pro and Nota Software, contact customer services if unsure.

True 3D Number Plate Assembly Guide

Here’s a cut-down version of our KB Guide to making True 3D Number Plates using stick-on digits. To start, simply make a number plate as normal. Because they have adhesive that bonds to our acrylic, you can mount these digits onto our 2-Part and 3 Part number plates.

Our standard number plates

1: Use a Clean Work Area & Prepare A Digit

Remove carrier film from 3D Digit Adhesive

Start by placing your number plate flat on a clean and well lit work surface. Then remove the carrier film from the rear of the first digit. This is the side with the specialist adhesive, and is completely flat without bevelled edges.

2: Align Digit with Printed Registration

Align digit with the printed registration

Now, using the printed registration as a guide, position the digit carefully above a character. Not only does the printed registration provide a guide, but it also means the number plate remains legal in the event a digit is removed.

3: Apply Digit Firmly to the Acrylic Face

Apply 3D Digit to the number plate

Next, press the black digit down firmly into place. Hold it onto the surface for a few seconds, for it to bond. Simply repeat these application steps for each digit of the registration mark.

Note: Digit adhesive is pressure sensitive so to ensure British Standard compliance use a roller jig.

4: Remove Protective Film off Digits

Remove the protective film off the fixed digits

Once you’ve fitted each digit, it’s now time to remove the carrier film from them. This clear film protects the digits from getting dirty or scratched before use.

Wait a few minutes after mounting for the glue to cure, before handling or fitting to a vehicle.

A Pair of finished True 3D Number Plates

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions79 × 50 × 3 mm

True 3D Digit, 3D Letters

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