110mm Black Printer Ribbon

110mm Black Printer Ribbon for Thermal Printers

110mm Black Printer Ribbon


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This 110mm Black Printer Ribbon is compatible with our Core thermal printers and will produce about 550 oblong number plates.
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  • SKU/Part No: ctz621cb
  • Size: 110mm x 300 metres
  • Makes: Approx. 550 Plates
  • Quantity: 1 Ribbon
  • Colour: Black Ink
  • Compatible Printers: Citizen CL-S621 and CL-S700

You will find this 110mm Black Printer Ribbon is simple and easy to install, yet provides consistently good prints. At 300 metres long it prints about 550 oblong number plates before it needs replacing. Moreover, it’s approved for use in our Core Solutions and is certified to make reflective plates. Notably this is an outside wound or ink out ribbon and needs fitting correctly.

When printing number plates with this ribbon, you must use it with our plate media to comply with British Standards.

Prime & Premier Series Compatible

If you are unsure or need help fitting these ribbons, check out our np knowledge base. Where there’s articles on how to Replace CLS621 Printer Ribbon, or check out our video guide on YouTube. And there is also a quick guide to changing the ribbon in a CLS700 Printer.

Note: When fitting replacement ribbons ensure you use the same path as shown in the image below.

The ribbon path in printer

Our Core printing solutions both have settings for our plate media and this black ribbon. In fact, this combination is required for them to print legal number plates. So you must use our printers, media and ribbons to guarantee compliance with our certification.

Using another brand of ribbon will fall outside of our specification. Not only affecting the quality, opacity and bonding of the print. But also effecting the legality of your finished number plate. And will of course, invalidate your trading agreement with us.

So remember, only an Approved Ribbon makes a Tennants BSAU145e number plate.

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Dimensions300000 × 110 mm


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