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Head Cleaning Pen


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This is a Head Cleaning Pen for thermal printers, simply run it across your printhead to remove any ink or dirt.

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  • SKU/Part No: nc104
  • Contents: 1 Pen
  • Fluid: Isopropyl Alcohol
  • For: Thermal Printhead Surfaces
  • Features: Soft Absorbent Nib

Each one of our Head Cleaning Pens contains Isopropyl Alcohol, which is ideal for cleaning thermal printheads. In fact its solvent is perfect at breaking down any leftover ribbon ink and media adhesive. And its soft absorbent nib, lifts up dirt and debris while providing a precise contact point. However don’t forget, dispose of your used pens carefully due to its flammable solvent.

Regular use of our Head Cleaning Pens will help you prevent ink smudges and blurred prints. Not to mention extending the life of your thermal printer, just by keeping it clean. Indeed, we recommend you clean every time you change your printer ribbon. And its so easy to do, simply wipe all over its printhead and rollers to remove any build-up.

Cleaning Your Thermal Printer

Before you can clean your printer, you will first need to remove the ribbon and plate media.

Start by opening up your printer and lifting up its print unit. Now lift your ribbon off the print unit and put it aside. Next lift up the sensor arm and take your plate media out of the printer. Now that is done, you are ready to start cleaning.

Run the Head Cleaning Pen Across the Surface

Start with the printhead first, use a cleaning pen and run it all over its surfaces. And don’t forget to clean your ribbon rollers. Simply use your fingers to rotate it and wipe each bit until it’s clean.

After the printhead, move on to wiping the platen and the media guides next. Finish off by cleaning the sensor and any surfaces that come into contact with your plate media. Once you are finished, replace your printer ribbon, sensor arm and plate media. Before you put your pen away, clean the nib by running it over a clean sheet of paper

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