A Star is Shorn

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After Brexit A Star is Shorn from UK Number Plates

A Star is Shorn

Now Brexit’s done, a Star is Shorn from number plates with the loss of the Euro GB badge. And now you have to choose which side badge to offer to customers instead. Moreover, there has been some confusion regarding the range of legal alternatives.

Specifically, the debate has centred on whether a GB text only design is permitted, without a national flag. We have now received confirmation from the DVLA that GB Text can NOT be displayed on its own. And a proposed UK Overseas Travel badge will now take the place of the EURO Stars.

So don’t worry, our blue National Flags are still permitted on UK roads, as are Green ZEV number plates. But when driving overseas a UK Oval Sticker must also be displayed.

Blue National Flags

For our customers who print on Film, you can request the new artwork from Customer Services. Along with simple instructions on how to load the new images into your existing software. But don’t forget you’ll still need to apply badge panels underneath, for colour correction.

Driving In the EU

A word of advice to those planning foreign travel this year to the European Union. The GB text on a number plate alone isn’t valid for driving abroad. Which means you’ll need to display a separate Oval UK Sticker on the vehicle as well.

July 2021 Update: Discussions are underway regarding an Overseas Travel Badge, which could replace the Euro GB for UK vehicles. Allowing owners to drive throughout Europe without a Oval Sticker. But with updated specifications that met 145e retro-reflectivity requirements. Stand-by, you’ll know more when we do.

September 2021 Update: The Overseas design has been confirmed and becomes road-legal on the 28th September.

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