50 Oblong Clear Film


50 Oblong Clear Film

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These are 50 oblong clear film sheets for making number plates with, they are sized 520mm x 111mm and are used with blank oblong plates.

Film Media Component

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This is a pack of 50 oblong clear film sheets ref: lg101f, sized at 520 by 111 mm and used for film printing. These 125 micron LED printable sheets are UV stable for improved colour fastness and are durable enough to be used without warping or losing print quality. Both sides are coated with a substrate that gives better toner bonding, so either side can be used. They are cut dead sized and are accurate to just a half a millimeter. Usable in our modified LED printers with settings for film printing, they are meant to be paired with our oblong white or yellow plates.

Film Printing
Our Film Media System for film and plates

Film is our most popular and versatile plate media system, it combines printed clear film with rigid plates to make low cost number plates.

This combination of matched components provides a finished number plate that meets all the requirements of the regulations and provides color branding opportunities for suppliers.

Combining Film & Plates
Jig & Roller combing film and a plate

We recommend using a jig and roller to combine components into number plate for a professional finish. Joining film and plates together then becomes simpler and produces repeatable high quality results.

First take the oblong plate and place it adhesive face up on the jig, use the pins or guides so it sits square. Pull back a few centimeters of the adhesive’s cover on the right, near the rollers and fold the flap over so it stays in place. Secondly, carefully line up the clear film on top with its printed side facing downwards. Use the pins or guides to keep the film flush and join the two components together at the edge exposed earlier.

Thirdly, slide the joined components towards the rollers, with the joined edge closest to the rollers. If it helps, lay the film over the rollers out of the way and take hold of the adhesive cover flap. Slowly wind the roller arm so the components are fed through, keeping hold of the flap. This will pull the remaining cover away while the rollers removes any air from between the two pieces of media and bonds them together.

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Dimensions 525 x 120 x 10 mm