Fixing Kit with Bolts

Fixing Kit with Bolts

Fixing Kit with Bolts


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This is a pre-packaged Fixing Kit with Bolts for fitting a number plate to a vehicle, contains adhesive pads with nuts and bolts.

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  • SKU/Part No: nc204
  • Fixing Kit D: 8 Pads and 6 Bolts with 6 Nuts
  • Bolt Details: 6x20mm with a 1cm Head
  • Bolt Colours: 2 Black, 2 White and 2 Yellow
  • Pad Details: 25x95mm Foam Pads with High Tack Adhesive

Our Fixing Kit with Bolts is perfect for securing your number plates to a vehicle. Each pack contains 8 adhesive pads alongside 6 nuts and bolts in 3 colours. So you have a choice on how to fit your number plate, stuck on with pads or bolted on. And a selection of colours for the bolts, so they blend in with your number plate.

Adhesive pads are now the recommended method of fixing your number plates under BSAU145e. Which is great because it is the easiest and fastest way to fit a new number plate. Of course you can still use bolts instead, as long as you locate them outside the registration area. But at least then you’ll benefit from a more secure fixing, thus making number plate theft harder.

Fitting using Adhesive Pads

Fit using Adhesive Pads

Sticky pads are the easiest and fastest way to fit a new number plate. First you need to remove your old one and thoroughly clean the area. Next stick your pads to the rear of the new number plate. Space them vertically and spaced equally across your plate. Typically people use a pad on either end and couple or so in the middle.

Now you’re ready to fit it to the vehicle. So pull the backing tape off the adhesive pads, and line it up into position. Once you’re happy push it firmly into place, hold it still for 10 seconds to bond.

Fitting Using Nuts & Bolts

Drill your holes from the rear of the plate

Fitting your number plate with screwed bolts requires just a few simple steps. Start by ensuring your holes are in the right place, by using your old one as a template. Then drill the holes in new number plate, start from the back and use an acrylic bit. Mask your starting points and place wood underneath, to avoid any damage. And allow the bit to do the work, avoid applying to much pressure or widening your holes.

Now screw your bolts into the holes and fasten the nuts on the back. But take careful not to overtighten them and damage your plate. Finally, wipe your number plate clean to remove any dirt or fingerprints.

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