100 Blue Polytop Screws

100 Blue Polytop Screws

100 Blue Polytop Screws


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This is a pack of 100 Blue Polytop Screws for fitting a number plate to a vehicle, simply screw them gently into your holes.

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  • SKU/Part No: nc184
  • Contents: 100 Screws with Polymer Heads
  • Polytop Colour: Blue
  • Screw Size: 6 x 19mm (¾ inch)
  • Materials: 6mm Zinc Plated Screws with 10mm Plastic Heads

Our 100 Blue Polytop Screws are perfect for fitting your new number plate to a vehicle. Each pack contains approximately 100 zinc plated screws topped off with a blue polymer head. Since each screw is the universal 6mm size, its self-tapping ability is compatible with most vehicles. And the coloured polymer head blends in with your number plates colour and helps to stop damp getting underneath.

Adhesive pads are now the recommended method of fixing your number plates under BSAU145e. Although you can still use screwed fixings, but only when used well outside the registration area. Which is great when your vehicle already has a mount complete with fixing points, like many vehicles. So you can still benefit from a more secure fitting, thus making number plate theft harder.

Fitting Using Self-Tapping Screws

Fitting your new number plate is an easy process with just a few simple steps.

Drill your holes from the rear of the plate

First you’ll need to ensure the screw holes are in the right place, so use your old plate as a template. Then drill the holes in new number plate, start from the back and use an acrylic bit. Masking your starting points and placing wood underneath, will help you to avoid damage. And allow the bit to do the work, avoid applying to much pressure or widening your holes.

Next deburr your holes and fit the screws, which should bite into the sides to create a thread. Finally, wipe your number plate clean to remove any dirt or fingerprints.

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Dimensions6 × 19 mm

Polytop Screws

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Tennants UK

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