50 Oblong Badge Panels 43x99mm

Oblong Badge Panels 43x99mm

50 Oblong Badge Panels 43x99mm


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This pack of 50 Oblong Badge Panels 43x99mm is used for colour correction when printing side badges on yellow number plates.
Note: Sized for Film Printed Oblong Plates
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  • SKU/Part No: lg315
  • Size: 43 x 99mm
  • Quantity: 50 Panels
  • Colour: White Reflective
  • Self Adhesive: Yes – High Tack
  • For: Printed Badges on Yellow Oblong Pates

Stick one of these 50 Oblong Badge Panels under a printed side badge to correct the colours on your yellow plates. As a result of being made from a white vinyl, your colours wont be changed by the yellow background. And it’s perfectly sized for the badges our software prints on oblong number plates.

To use, simply apply a panel to the clear film behind your printed badge. But check that when assembled, your panel is between the film and yellow plate or reflective. And ensure you position it carefully, because it can’t be moved once it’s stuck down.

Combining Components

Roller jigs are used for plate assembly

Make a number plate using our 3 step process.
1: Design 2: Print 3: Assemble
Build it in our software, then print it out and simply assemble the matched components together.

Assemble with a Jig & Roller

Whenever you make a printed number plate, we recommend using a jig and roller for a professional finish.

Fitting a Badge Panel
  • Place your Clear Film on the jig, with the rear of the side badge facing upwards.
  • Now peel the adhesive cover off a white Oblong Badge Panel.
  • Carefully position the panel above the side badge and Stick it into place.
  • Now you’re ready to Assemble your number plate.
Film Plates
  • Use the pins and place your rigid ABS Plate, face up on to the jig.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover at the end of the plate.
  • Next, line up your Clear Film sheet on top, with the printed side facing downwards.
  • Carefully join the components together at the Exposed Adhesive edge.
  • Ensure both the edge and sides are correctly lined up before joining together.
  • Now slide the two parts towards the Rollers at the end of the jig.
  • Slowly Wind the arm so the components are fed through, keeping hold of the folded adhesive cover.
  • This will remove the adhesive cover and Bond the two parts together.
3-Part Plates
  • Place your Clear Film sheet, printed face up on the roller jig.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover at the end of an Acrylic Face.
  • Position the Acrylic above the Film, Adhesive Side Down and carefully join the two pieces together
  • Leading with the joined edge, keep hold of the Fold and slowly wind the arm & Feed the parts through the roller.
  • This will remove the adhesive cover and bond the two parts together.
  • Next, put a Wet Reflective adhesive face up on the jig, folding back part of its cover.
  • Position the parts joined earlier on top with the Film Facing Down, join them together at the exposed edge
  • Once again Feed them through the rollers, keeping hold of the folded adhesive cover.
  • Finally, remove the final protective cover from the Acrylic Face.

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Dimensions43 × 99 × 0.5 mm

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