50 Oblong Clear Film

50 Oblong Clear Film


This is a pack of 50 Oblong Clear Film sheets for making Hybrid Number Plates, print and laminate them to acrylic faces and wet reflective sheets.

Hybrid Plate Component

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This is a pack of 50 Oblong Clear Film sheets, UV stable for colour fastness they are highly durable. Each one is coated with a substrate for better toner bonding, so either side can be printed on using a modified LED printer.

Hybrid Number Plates
Hybrid number plate components

Hybrid number plates are made by printing onto clear film sheets, this allows colour to be used for branding opportunities.

Match up and laminate the film between a clear acrylic face and a wet reflective sheet, producing a high quality and standards compliant number plate.

Combining Components
Roller jigs are used for plate assembly

Make a number plate using our 3 step process.
1: Design 2: Print 3: Assemble
Design in our software, print it out and then assemble the matched components together.

Assembly with a Jig & Roller

We recommend using a jig and roller to combine number plate components for a professional finish.

  • Place your printed Clear Film face up on the jig.
  • Fold back a few centimetres of the adhesive cover on a Acrylic Face.
  • Position the Acrylic above the Film, Adhesive Side Down and carefully join the two pieces together
  • Leading with the joined edge, keep hold of the Fold and slowly wind the arm & Feed the parts through the roller.
  • This will remove the adhesive cover and bond the two parts together.
  • Next, put a Wet Reflective adhesive face up on the jig, folding back part of its cover.
  • Position the parts joined earlier on top with the Film Facing Down, join them together at the exposed edge
  • Once again Feed them through the rollers, keeping hold of the folded adhesive cover.
  • This will remove the final adhesive cover and Bond all the parts together.
Laminate Film to Acrylic & Wet Reflective
Position printed film on the jig
Fold back the cover on the acrylic and join it to the film
Hold the flap and feed components through the rollers
Fold back the adhesive cover on the wet reflective
Join the film and acrylic to the wet reflective
Hold the flap and feed the components through the rollers

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