OKI C532 Black Toner

OKI C532 Black Toner Cartridge

OKI C532 Black Toner


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This is an original and genuine OKI C532 Black Toner Cartridge with a yield of 7000 A4 pages at normal print coverage rates.
OKI Model: 46490608

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  • SKU/Part No: oki46490608
  • Yield: 7000 A4 Pages
  • Brand: OKI
  • Genuine: Yes
  • For: OKI C532 Printers

This OKI C532 Black Toner cartridge is compatible with our c532 number plate printer. And it’s made to be simple to install and give you reliable print results. Moreover it contains enough toner for 7,000 A4 pages at normal coverage rates. For the other CMYK colours browse our shops OKI C532 pages.

As a genuine consumable, this toner is guaranteed to work perfectly with our C532 number plate printer. In fact just like our plate media, it’s manufactured to meet exacting specifications and standards. And this reliability is a vital part of our BSAU145e certification. Which is why using compatible consumables may effect your number plates legality.

So if you’re printing road legal number plates – only use Genuine Consumables.

Install OKI C532 Black Toner Cartridge

To install a replacement toner cartridge is easy, just follow the simple steps below. Or for more help, try our knowledge base article on how to Replace C532 Toner Cartridges. The instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of your OKI printer.

Your printer will let you know when it is time to replace a toner cartridge. First you’ll see warning messages on the display screen found on the control panel, warning a particular toner is getting low. This is when you need to order a replacement if you don’t have any. The message will change and prompt you to replace it once the cartridge is empty, it may even stop printing.

Remove Used C532 Toner Cartridge
Step 1: Remove Used Toner Cartridge

Before you install a new cartridge, you will have to remove the existing one first.

Open up your printer to reveal its innards and the toner cartridges. To remove a cartridge, take hold of the blue lever (A) on the right hand side of the unit and turn it towards you until it lines up with the lug. This will unlock the toner cartridge, simply lift it out the machine and place it aside for later.

Unpack new C532 Toner Cartridge
Step 2: Prepare Your New Toner Cartridge

Get the new toner cartridge ready to install into your printer.

Unpack the replacement cartridge from its box and unbag. First, shake it several times vertically and horizontally to loosen its contents. Then remove the tape from the unit so its ready to be inserted.

Insert your C532 Toner Cartridge
Step 3: Insert Your Toner Cartridge

Insert the new cartridge into your printer.

Position your cartridge by aligning its left side indentation with the protrusion on the drum below (A) so the labels align. Now push the right side gently down into place and lock it in by turning the blue lever (B) away from you. Finally, close up so your printer can detect the new toner.

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