OKI C650 Transfer Belt

OKI C650 Transfer Belt

OKI C650 Transfer Belt


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This is an original and genuine OKI C650 Transfer Belt with a life cycle of approximately 60,000 A4 pages before it needs replacing.
OKI Model: 9006125

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  • SKU/Part No: oki9006125
  • Yield: 60,000 A4 Pages
  • Brand: OKI
  • Genuine: Yes
  • For: OKI C650 Printers

This OKI C650 Transfer Belt is compatible with our Scope Series, one of our Core Number Plate Printers. And it’s made to be simple to install and give you reliable print results. Moreover, it comes with an impressive life cycle of 60,000 A4 pages before it needs replacing. For other C650 printer consumables browse our shops OKI C650 pages.

As a genuine consumable, this transfer belt is guaranteed to work perfectly with our C650 number plate printer. In fact just like our plate media, it is manufactured to meet exacting specifications. And this reliability is a vital part of our BSAU145e certification. Which is why using compatible consumables may effect your number plates legality.

So if you’re printing road legal number plates – only use Genuine Consumables.

Replace a OKI C650 Transfer Belt

Installing a replacement transfer belt is easy, just follow the simple steps below. For more detailed help, try our knowledge base article on how to Replace a C650 Transfer Belt. The instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of your OKI printer.

The belt moves toner from the drums onto your media before the fuser bonds it to the surface. Despite having a large life cycle, eventually it will wear out and notify you on the control panel. This is when you need to order a replacement if you don’t have one. The message will change and prompt you to replace it once it is finished, it may even stop printing.

Open the C650 to Access the Belt
Step 1: Open Up Your Printer & Find the Belt

Open up your printers front & top to reach the belt.

First open your printers front cover to reveal its insides. Then use the L2 handle to lift the toners and the drum basket up out of you way. Now you can see the transfer belt and its blue handle, at the bottom of the printer.

Remove Used C650 Transfer Belt
Step 2: Remove the Used Transfer Belt

Now remove the old belt from your printer.

Remove the used belt by first pulling its blue handle up, and then towards you & out of printer. Simply place it aside for disposal or recycling. Next get your replacement belt ready for install. When striping away its packaging, taking care not to touch its surface.

Install Your New C650 Transfer Belt
Step 3: Install Your New Transfer Belt

Install your new belt & close the printer up.

Carefully angle & lower your transfer belt into the printer, holding the blue handle. Then when it’s in position, lock it in place by pushing it down into its housing. Finally use the L2 handle to lower down the toner and drum units. And close up your printers front so it can detect your new belt.

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