OKI C532 Black Toner


OKI C532 Black Toner


This genuine OKI C532 black toner is compatible with our Trade Series systems built around the OKI C532 printer.

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These original OKI C532 black toner cartridges are compatible with our Trade Series number plate systems built around the OKI C532 printer. Each cartridge has been designed to be simple to install and offers reliable results. These cartridges contains enough black toner for 7,000 pages at normal coverage rates. (OKI model:46490608)

These are all genuine manufacturer consumables and are guaranteed to work perfectly with the relevant number plate systems. Our modified printers have settings which expect them to be using these toner cartridges. Those settings require a predictable toner mix to function correctly, using anything else can effect the amount of toner put down and even its coverage. Using non-genuine or compatible consumables can affect the legality of finished number plates made with our systems, that why we insist on them using genuine’s only.

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