OKI C532 Transfer Belt

OKI C532 Transfer Belt


This is a genuine OKI C532 Transfer Belt unit and is compatible with our Trade Series Printers.

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This original OKI C532 transfer belt is compatible with our Trade Series number plate systems built around the OKI C532 printer. It will need installing under the individual toner cartridges and image drums. The transfer belt pulls the toner from the drum and places it onto the print media. Squeaking noises, smudges and off centre printing are common indicators of belt issues, check the seating of the unit and clear any contamination away using compressed air. Do not touch the surface of the belt you will damage it. Each transfer belt has a life cycle of 60k pages before it needs replacing. (OKI model:46394902)

These are genuine manufacturer consumables and are guaranteed to work perfectly with the relevant number plate systems. Our modified printers have settings that require predictable ingredients to function correctly and they only get this from OKI consumables. Using non-genuine or compatible consumables can affect the legality of finished number plates made with our systems, that why we insist on them using genuine’s only.

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Dimensions378 × 374 × 167 mm

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