1000 Adhesive Pads

1000 Adhesive Pads


This is a roll of 1000 adhesive pads for fitting replacement number plates to vehicles, they should not be moved once placed on a surface.

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This roll of 1000 adhesive pads can be used to fit replacement number plates to almost any vehicle. Each self adhesive sticky pad is made from a polyethylene foam carrier coated on both sides with a high tack adhesive, protected by a removable cover. Be careful when using these pads because of the extremely strong glue used on them, these pads not suitable for relocation once pressed into place. They’re designed to be fitted and then left in place.

To cover your bases and ensure you have fittings for all circumstances, consider our universal fixing kit. It comes with everything you may need to fit number plates.

Fitting Number Plates Using Sticky Pads
Sticky Pads in use on a number plate

First remove your old number plates and clean the area with a mild detergent or white spirit and let this dry or evaporate. Stick three pads to the rear of the new number plate spacing them equally, typically people use a pad one either end and one in the middle. Pull the backing tape off the adhesive pads and line up the plate near where you want it to be. When you’re happy push it firmly into place, hold it for a few seconds taking care to keep it level and still.

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Dimensions100 × 100 × 15 mm

Adhesive Pads

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