1000 Adhesive Pads

Roll of 1000 Adhesive Pads

1000 Adhesive Pads


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This is a Roll of 1000 Adhesive Pads used to fit a replacement number plate to a vehicle, simply stick to a clean & dry surface.

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  • SKU/Part No: nc197
  • Quantity: Roll of 1000 Pads
  • Self Adhesive: Yes – High Tack
  • Pad Details: 25 x 95mm Polyethylene Foam Pads
  • For: Fitting Number Plates

This Roll of 1000 Adhesive Pads offer a compliant and easy way to fit new number plates. Each pad is made from a polyethylene foam, coated on both sides with a high tack adhesive. So you can safely stick them to a number plate, before you fix it to the vehicle. And with 1000 pads per roll, you’ll have enough for over 330 plates.

A key rule of fitting a number plate is to ensure you don’t obscure the registration mark. And adhesive pads are now the recommended method of fixing number plates under BSAU145e. Thus removing the chance that any screws may interfere with cameras reading the registration.

Fitting using Adhesive Pads

Fit using Adhesive Pads

Be careful when you use our Adhesive Pads because of the extremely strong glue. They’re designed to be fitted and then left in place. And aren’t suitable for relocation once pressed into place.

First you need to remove the old number plates and thoroughly clean the area. Try wiping with a mild detergent or white spirit and let this dry or evaporate. Next stick your pads to the rear of the new number plate. Space them equally, typically people use a pad on either end and one in the middle. But however many you use, ensure you place them vertically and spaced equally.

Now you’re ready to fit the number plate to the vehicle. So pull the backing tape off the adhesive pads, and line it up into position. Once you’re happy push it firmly into place, hold it still for 10 seconds to create a secure hold.

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Dimensions25 × 95 mm

Adhesive Pads

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