C532 Feeder Tray

OKI C532 Feeder Tray

C532 Feeder Tray


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The C532 Feeder Tray is designed to hold your plate media components steady before it’s fed into your number plate printer.

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  • SKU/Part No: oki021
  • Size: 550 x 250mm
  • Material: 5mm Plastic Board
  • Fits: Front Multi-Purpose Tray
  • For: OKI Printers – C532 / C531 / C511

The C532 Feeder Tray is the ideal way to load your plate media components into your number plate printer. Not only is it long enough to hold your standard oblong components. But it’s also the perfect width to fit into a compatible printers multipurpose tray. And since it is made from lightweight plastic board, you can quickly wipe it clean.

To install, simply follow the quick guide below or follow the steps on this knowledge base article. Once in place you’ll notice it slopes upwards, so gravity helps feed the media into your printer. And it comes printed with information about how to load components and our quick contact details.

Fitting the C532 Feeder Tray

To install a new or replacement feeder tray is easy, just follow these simple steps. The instructions that follow assume you are directly facing the front of your OKI printer.

Step 1: Remove the Paper Tray

Before you install a new tray, you have to remove the existing paper or feeder tray (A) from the multi-purpose tray.

Start by opening up the multipurpose tray. Ignore the top tray, it has sliding guides you’ll need later to align your media. So take hold of each side of the second tray, use a couple of fingers to gently push the sides down. And bow the centre upwards, this will enable you to simply pull the tray out.

Step 2: Install the C532 Feeder Tray

Now install your new feeder tray into the vacant slot.

Position your tray with its printed side facing upwards and the cut out slots towards the printer. Gently bend the sides downwards, bowing the centre up and push the tray home into the slots. Make sure you push it all the way into the housing slots so it’s secure.

Step 3: Loading Plate Media

Once the feeder tray is installed, you’re ready to load plate media onto it.

To use, simply place your sheets onto the tray and butt them right up to the printer. But ensure you place it with the side you wish to print on facing upwards. If you have badged media, orientate it with the flags situated furthest away from the printer. And use the sliding guides on the top tray to help secure your components into place.

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Dimensions550 × 250 × 5 mm

Feeder Tray

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