OKI Extended Feed Tray

OKI Extended Feed Tray


The OKI Extended Feed Tray helps hold long number plate media before its fed into a compatible OKI printer.

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This OKI extended feed tray helps hold number plate media before its fed into one of our modified OKI printers. It long enough for oblong plate media and is made from a lightweight, wipe-able plastic board. The tray has been designed to easily push into the multipurpose tray on the front of compatible printers. This tray will fit the C301, C511, C531, C711 and our current Trade Series model the C532.

When you buy one of our modified printers or complete systems a compatible feed tray is included with your purchase. These trays are provided for replacement purposes.

Fitting A Tray

To fit a new OKI extended feed tray you will need to remove the current paper tray. Simply open the front multipurpose tray and remove the existing paper tray. Gently flex it downwards at each side, bowing the center up and the slide the tray outwards, away from its housing.

Removing a paper tray on a OKI printer

Then take your new tray and reverse the process. Insert slowly, bending the edges downwards and push it into the empty slots. When number plate loading media, simply place the sheets on the tray, close the side guides so they hold and secure it into place.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 550 x 150 x 5 mm